If exploring wildlife is a favorite activity of yours, a Los Cabos vacation is perfect for you! In addition to the amazing marine life, you will find in the crystal blue waters of the Sea of Cortez, you’ll also be able to watch the seals and sea lions at play. Keep reading to learn more about these mammals and where you’re sure to spot them in Los Cabos!
Seals are semi-aquatic marine mammals and are closely related to sea lions and walruses. While there are 19 different seal species found around the world, only 3 of those can be found in Los Cabos: the Common Seal, the Elephant Seal and the Guadalupe fur seal (now on the endangered species list). Seals vary in size anywhere from 4 to 16 feet long depending upon their species, with the Elephant Seal being the largest. While they may seem lazy as they enjoy sunbathing on rocks, seals are actually highly intelligent animals. When they are in the water, they keep very busy. Seals usually live and migrate in herds, and they tend to be attracted to bays, warm coasts, estuaries and other places where the current is low. This is why the Sea of Cortez has become home to many colonies of seals living in the Baja Peninsula. They only spend about 20% of their time on land, and the rest is in the water. Seals are very curious which is why you will often see them following boats to see what’s going on aboard them.
Sea lions are also known as eared seals. The main differences between seals and sea lions is that sea lions have ears. They also have a generous fur coat that helps to insulate them from the cold waters, while seals typically just have blubber for insulation. Another difference is that the rear flippers of a seal point backward, and on land, they move with an up and down undulating motion. Sea lions on the other hand, can rotate their hind feet and use them to walk along with some speed. In Los Cabos Activities, you will find the California Sea Lion. California Sea Lions are known for their intelligence, playfulness and noisy barking. They are very social animals, and groups often rest closely packed together on land or float together on the ocean’s surface. They are sometimes seen jumping out of the water, presumably to speed up their swimming. They’ve also been seen breaking waves.
When visiting Land’s End, you’ll notice how the seals and sea lions have become accustomed to human visitors. They’ve become social beings and often times will even pose for photographs. These mammals have become a popular attraction for travelers eager to get to know these lovely animals in their natural habitat, and are a topic of many reviews left about Land’s End. Take a boat tour to see them up close and personal or view them from land at Lover’s Beach or the marina.
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