Whether you’re planning a trip over the holidays or dreaming of next summer’s beachfront villas vacation, packing is one thing you probably don’t want to think about. Let’s face it, packing can be stressful; you don’t want to forget something important, but you also don’t want to over pack. Then there’s also the decision about what needs to be in your carry-on and what can be stowed away in your checked bag.
In today’s blog, Lifestyle Villas offers a few tips to help you make your carry-on packing for a Los Cabos vacation a breeze!
When it comes to your carry-on bag, you want to include just enough stuff that you could get by for a day or two without the items in your checked bag if something happened, like the airline losing your luggage. Obviously, the most important item to keep in your carry-on is your ID (Drivers License & Passport, not just one or the other). Additional items you should always keep in your carry-on and not a checked bag include:

♦  Cash & Cards
♦  Printed Travel Documents (Your boarding pass, any reservations for hotels or cars, etc.)
♦  Jewelry, Electronics (and Chargers) & Anything Else of Real Value (Don’t risk them being stolen.)
♦  Any Essential Medications (Not just what you need for the flight, put all of it in your carry-on.)
♦  Fragile and Breakable Items (Your checked bag is going to get thrown around, a lot.)
♦  Travel Size Toiletries in a Zip-Lock Bag (Be sure they’re within the airline's regulations for liquids, and pack any larger items in your checked bag. )
♦  Book or Magazine (To help pass time on a long flight.)
♦  Snacks (Depending on the length of your trip, you might want to have some food to hold you over.)
♦  One Change of Clothes (including undergarments)
While airlines have restrictions on what you can and cannot have on a plane, those aren’t the only guidelines you should follow when packing. You don’t want to be lugging around a bunch of unnecessary stuff in your carry-on; you don’t want it packed so full that you can’t easily get to something in there. Here’s a list of items that are better left in your checked bag:

♦  Liquids Over 3 oz. (Many of these items, shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, can be bought at your destination, or stowed away in your checked bag.)
♦  Sharp Objects (make sure to remove pocket knives, scissors or anything else that could be considered a “weapon”)
♦  Lighters, Matches & Other Flammable Items
♦  Stinky Foods & Other Smelly Items (Nail Polish, Perfume, etc.)
♦  Extra Shoes (don’t pack your heaviest boots (you could wear them though) or those stilettos you just couldn’t go a day without, but probably won’t wear, in your carry-on)
♦  Craft Items & Other Unnecessary Items (If you’re not going to need it until you arrive at your destination and it’s not super valuable, don’t waste the space in your carry-on with these items.)
♦  Heavy Items (Not only will a heavy carry-on bag be more difficult to raise up into the overhead compartment, but it could fall out of a bin and injure someone.

1. Make a Packing List.
In order to avoid forgetting essentials and also over-packing, consider making a packing list. Making sure you have everything well organized before you even start packing will make the process less stressful.
2. Research Airline Size Restrictions.
Airlines have limits on what size of luggage they deem acceptable for a carry-on item. They also have size restrictions on your personal item, so be sure to do some research before you just grab a bag and start throwing stuff in it.
3. Roll Your Clothes, Don’t Fold Them.
Many travel experts agree that rolling is better than folding. Not only do tightly rolled clothes take up less space, but they are also less prone to wrinkles.
4. Pack Items You’ll Need Last.
If there are any items in your carry-on that you know you will need to access during the flight, be sure to pack them last so they are on top and easily accessible. Your extra clothes can go on the bottom, but just be aware of how your packing stuff into your carry-on bag.
We hope these tips come in handy for your next trip to Mexico! Los Cabos is the perfect vacation destination, with 360+ days of sunshine and loads of los cabos activities to keep you occupied. Check out our luxury villa rentals in Los Cabos and contact us to start planning an unforgettable trip to the Baja Peninsula!